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We are creative design agency focused on full implementation services of all sizes

Specification and Supply of Primary Filters

We provide supply and customization of primary filters for your organization.

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Supply and Installation of HVAC Systems and Controlled Environment

We cater supply and installation of HVAC Systems and Controlled Environment for your...

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Design Supply and installation of HVAC

Supply and installation of HVAC is one of the primary services that CISCO...

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Design, Supply and Installation of Environmental Protection Systems (Wet and Dry system)

In order to help environment for your organization, we provide the environmental protection...

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Design, Supply and Installation of Belts and Conveying Systems

We also design and install belts for your conveying systems. We provide the...

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Specification and Supply of Valves and Fittings, Industrial Oils and Lubricants

We also supply accessories for your industrial needs.

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Statement of Guarantee

Cisco Engineering Industries guarantees the performance of the equipment/system it designs, supply and construct against mechanical defects and workmanship within the period of one (1) year from the date of completion of installation, commissioning (excluding electric motors). should the system performance fall short, within the guarantee period under its normal operating conditions, due to malfunction or poor workmanship? Cisco engineering industries shall correct the defect by rework or replacement of the faulty part, free of charge.

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