About Us

Cisco Engineering Industries was founded in 1995 with its main business as an in-house and services provider of HVAC, Air Filtration and Allied Electromechanical.

In the early 2000’s, following the rapid industry growth in the high tech manufacturing of semiconductor, chip and wafer fabrication, pharmaceutical and food product, establishing cleanroom facilities to conform with the hi-tech production operation, demands for HVAC, Air Filtration and Clean Room Manufacturing Facilities is a highly growing business requirement.

To meet the industry’s growing demand, we diversified our technical expertise into Allied Fields by engaging in the design, specification and manufacture of HVAC, Air Filtration and Cleanroom Products and System. Since then, we have dedicated our efforts and focus in providing a complete range of solution for every Electro-Mechanical Systems involving HVAC, Air Filtration, Clean Zone and Controlled Environment Systems Requirements.

In The 16 years in business, Cisco Engineering Industries has accumulated knowledge and experience in the design, supply and construction of HVAC, Air Filtration, Clean Zone and Controlled Environment Systems creating systems that extends and incorporate into several allied fields and Electromechanical Systems.

Be the most reliable player in the growth of the information technology, food and pharmaceutical industries by providing the Allied Technological Systems that will contribute to the industrial development while protecting the environment. Our efforts to create and provide reliable and environmentally conscious designs and contractions of the Allied Technological and Electromechanical Systems such as HVAC, Air Filtration, Clean room and other, products and Services and develop new products for the prevention of pollutions will help foster a comfortable environment for
public life and provide our posterity with a brighter future and a better life. Whatever your system goal is, either for HVAC System or Air Filtration System, you can rely on CISCO Engineering Industries.

Contribute to the society’s industrial and technological growth, improvement in peoples and environments well-being by designing an environmentally conscious and protective system and produce and use products and equipment through modern clean production methods. The Company will continuously expand its capabilities and knowledge along with the stride of technological development in HVAC System or Air Filtration, Clean Room and to Allied Technical Fields integrating positive values to society by strengthening good contact with the local community and giving outmost consideration to the environment.